What is the difference between flower galvanized and flowerless galvanized?


At present, galvanized products have become one of the most commonly used metal materials. However, for users who are new to the steel industry, it may be a bit simple to distinguish galvanized from other materials. Because everyone thinks that the surface of galvanized is patterned, so it is easy to distinguish. But are galvanized products all patterned? Is there flowerless galvanized?

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First of all, not all galvanized products are products with patterns, and there are also galvanized products without patterns, so what is the difference between the two?

The galvanized sheet with flowers and without flowers is distinguished according to the surface state of the galvanized sheet. Generally, the weak eye can tell at a glance that the pattern on the surface is the flower, and the one without the flower is no flower. With or without flowers has nothing to do with the material. The material depends on the base material used for galvanizing, such as Q195, Q345, SPCC, etc. Thickness also has nothing to do with the presence or absence of spangles.


The galvanized sheet with flowers is printed with patterns on the surface of the galvanized sheet, which looks bright and beautiful in appearance.

There is no pattern on the surface of the flowerless galvanized sheet, which looks brighter and darker than the flowered galvanized sheet, which is similar to the cold plate. And it is mainly through a special production process, generally in the zinc pot to control the lead to a certain level, or through special treatment, such as the treatment of small spangles or spraying zinc powder, to control the spangles to a certain extent in Xiaoyu You can get a zinc-free product.

There is no difference in performance with or without flowers, mainly in appearance.


However, why are there spangles on the galvanized surface?

In the previous hot-dip galvanizing products, because the lead in the zinc liquid cannot be refined, there are always some spangles on the surface. Therefore, in our old concept, hot-dip galvanizing has spangles. With the development of the automobile industry, if the hot-dip galvanized automobile sheet needs to be painted, the spangle has an impact on the painting. Later, after reducing the lead content in the zinc ingot and zinc solution to dozens of ppm, We can produce products with no or very little spangle.


The above is the difference and source of galvanized products with flowers and without flowers. If you want to know more, please feel free to pay attention to Baowu.